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Welcome to HERA

This web site contains Highway EneRgy Assessment methodology for the operation phase - HERA- that enables technicians and decision-makers to assess the energy footprint and carbon footprint of different highway traffic flows scenarios.
The HERA methodology and tool has been developed by the Transportation Research Center TRANSyT-UPM in its participation in the  OASIS Projects. This website presents HERA as a complete and updated version of this work.

Energy Footprint (HE) of the Highway

heComo complemento a HERA se ha creado la herramienta HE Infraestructura de Autopista que incluye el cálculo del balance energético de los procesos materiales asociados a las fases de construcción, mantenimiento y deconstrucción.
HE de la Autopista se define como el consumo energético que se produce durante el ciclo de vida completo de la autopista y que comprende las fases de:
  • construcción - mantenimiento - deconstrucción --> HE Infraestructura
  • operación --> HERA

Más Info

OASIS Project

The OASIS Project has been the first Spanish Project in addressing the design of the highway of the future. OASIS has been funded by the CENIT program, by the Spanish Industrial and Technological Development Centre (CDTI)  part of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The objectives of OASIS were getting a reduced energy footprint road transport and the reduction of GHG emissions to achieve a more sustainable future in the road transport sector. OASIS proposes a methodology for measuring the energy footprint of the highway in its entire life cycle and proposing measures to optimize fuel consumption and more efficient mobility management.

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